The reader henceforth best beware

For the lymrics below they can scare

If you have a weak heart

Or are an offendable tart

You best do your reading elsewhere

There was a young man from Bangore

Who was tired and said to his whore

If you'll roll over

I'll get my dog Rover

And you can have six inches more

Oh the cows are all dead in Mobile

Oh the cows are all dead in Mobile

Oh the cows are all dead

So they milk bulls instead

Because babies must be fed in mobile

There was a young man named Bogaht

The cheeks of whose ass were so fat

That they had to be parted

Whenever he farted

And proped wide apart when he shat

There once was a midget named Carr

Who couldn't reach up to the bar

So in every saloon

He climbed the spittoon

And he gizzled his liquer from thar

There was a young lady named May

Who strolled in a park by the way

And she met a young man

Who fucked her and ran

Now she goes by the park everyday

The cock of a fellow named Randall

Shot sparks like a big roman candle

He was much in demand

For the colors were grand

But the girls found him to hot to handle

There was a young man of Nantucket

Whose prick was s long he could suck it

He said with a grin

As he wiped off his chin

If my ear was a cunt I could fuck it

There once was a fellow named Siegel

Who attempted to bugger a beagle

But the mettlesome bitch

Turned and said with a twitch

It's fun but you know it's illegal

Winter is here with his grouch

The time when you sneeze and you slouch

You can't take your women

Canoein' or swimmin'

But a lot can be done on the couch

Lymrics pulled from "The Lymric", published 1964 by Bell Publishing Company. Edited by G. Legman